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Live in Poole 1991

Al Stewart


1Flying Sorcery 4'07
2Soho (Needless to Say) 3'38
3Rest in Peace 3'41
4Carol 5'00
5Broadway Hotel 4'07
6Timeless Skies 3'36
7Nostrodamus 2'18
8Nostrodamus 2'44
10Clifton in the Rain / Small Fruit Song 4'20
11Manuscript 4'36
12Post World War II Blues 4'37
13On the Border 3'59
14Trains 7'38
15Year of the Cat4'39
Overall Quality (entirely subjective!)Four Stars
Originality / UniquityFour Stars
Sound Quality Five Star

This is impossible to find 'new' - I buy all my rarities from ebay, but I recommend observing before bidding - prices vary considerably.

Most tracks available on studio and compilation CDs.

copy may be available to buy

'Flying Sorcery', 'Broadway Hotel', 'On the Border', 'Year of the Cat' are on "Year of the Cat"


Year of the Cat

'Soho (Needless to Say)', 'Post World War II Blues', 'Nostrodamus' are on "Past Present and Future"


Past Present and Future

'Carol' is on "Modern Times"


Modern Times

'Timeless Skies' is on "Time Passages"


Time Passages

'Clifton in the Rain', 'Small fruit Song', 'Manuscript' are on "To Whom It May Concern"


To Whom It May Concern
'Trains' is on "Famous Last Words"


Famous Last Words
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