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Live in Japan 1992

"The Real Rhymes in Rooms"

Al Stewart

Volume 1 - Tokyo

1On the Border5'16
2Broadway Hotel5'54
3(If it doesn't come naturally) Leave It 10'27
4Year of the Cat7'34
5Roads to Moscow7'59
6The Candidate2'38
7Love Minus Zero (No Limit)4'58

Volume 2 - Yokohama

1Flying Sorcery4'12
2Soho (Needless to say)4'40
3Time Passages5'19
4Timeless Skies4'11
5Josephine Baker5'24
6On the Border6'41
7Delia's Gone3'41
8Fields of France4'28
9End of the Day (Medley) - Peter White10'42
11Broadway Hotel4'56
12Bear Farmers of Birnam5'44
13 Year of the Cat8'34
Overall Quality (entirely subjective!)Four Stars
Originality / UniquityFour Stars
Sound Quality Four Stars

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