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Live in New York City 1990

Al Stewart and Peter White

Al Stewart


1Post World War Two Blues5'10
3Clifton in the Rain / Small Fruit Song6'41
4End of the Day,
The Age of Rhythm,
Merlin's Time,
Valentino Way
5(If it doesn't come naturally) Leave it,
Year of the Cat,
Angel of Mercy

Track 4 consists of Peter White guitar solos, tracks off his own albums, except for Valentino Way, on which he plays piano to Al Stewart's vocal.

Track 5 features Peter Wood, who co-wrote Year of the Cat, on piano while Al sings, Peter White plays guitar.

This is impossible to find 'new' - I buy all my rarities from ebay, but I recommend observing before bidding - prices vary considerably.
Check if there's a copy for sale. Most of the tracks are available on studio and compilation CDs.

Clifton in the Rain and Small Fruit Song can be found on To Whom It May Concern (released in 1993) includes all the tracks from Bedsitter Images (1967), Love Chronicles (1969) and Zero She Flies (1970).

To whom it may concern

Post World War Two Blues is on Past Present and Future (1974)

Past Present and Future

(If it doesn't come naturally) Leave it, Year of the Cat both feature on Year of the Cat (1976)

Year of the Cat

Valentino Way is on Time Passages (1978)

Time Passages
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