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Al Stewart

Piece of Yesterday: the Anthology

Disk 1

1Bedsitter Images 
2 Samuel Oh How You've Changed! 
3In Brooklyn 
4Electric Los Angeles Sunset 
6Small Fruit Song 
7Nostradamus Part One / World Goes To Riyadh / Nostradamus Part Two (Live) (Medley) 
8On The Border 
9Flying Sorcery 
10Year Of The Cat 
11Almost Lucy 
12Time Passages 
13Running Man
14Merlin's Time 
15If It Doesn't Come Naturally Leave It (Live) 

Disk 2

16Last Days Of The Century 
17Helen & Cassandra 
19Night Train To Munich 
20Marion The Chatelaine 
21Laughing Into 1939 
22House Of Clocks 
23Turning Into Water 
24Down In The Cellar 
25Mr. Lear 
26Katherine Of Oregon 
27Soho (Needless To Say) (Alternate Version) 
28Coldest Winter In Memory
29Denise At 16 
30Roads To Moscow (Live) 

How To Buy This CD

US release date October 9, 2006, UK release date 25 October 2006

This 'new' anthology is a cut-down version of last year's 5-disc set: Just Yesterday

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Overall Quality (entirely subjective!)Five Star
Originality / UniquityFive Star
Sound Quality Four Stars

This is impossible to find 'new' - I buy all my rarities from ebay, but I recommend observing before bidding - prices vary considerably.

Most tracks available on studio and compilation CDs.

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