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Singer Songwriter

Singer Songwriter
1On the Border19763:16
2Song on the Radio19786:15
3Night Train to Munich19954:24
4Fields of France19882:51
5Between the Wars19952:47
6Merlin's Time19802:41
7Three Mules19955:36
8You Should Have Listened To Al19693:00
9Betty Boop's Birthday19952:04
10If It Doesn't Come Naturally, Leave It19764:25
12Flying Sorcery19764:18
13A Man For All Seasons19785:46
14Clifton In The Rain19702:41
15Running Man19805:06
16Year Of The Cat (Live)19766:38

Released 31 August 01

Compilation first released on continental Europe, through EMI.

UK and US editions are both listed as 'import'


The album is one of a series of 'Singer/Songwriters' - I've found Gerry Rafferty, Ralph McTell - and Leo Sayer - with matching sleeve design.

The disc is packaged in a cardboard folder, with a plastic discholder on the inner right hand side, and a little booklet slotted into the left hand side. The booklet contains lyrics but no other details.

The rear of the pack has a track listing with standard timings / authorship / copyright details. Most of the timing are wrong; I've entered correct times above to ensure ease of comparison with other versions!

As Sylvia Morris has explained at Al Stewart Friends (the old Yahoo! group), this is the same collection of songs as the 1998 "On the Border" compilation from EMI which was reissued in 1999, with a different cover and running order, by Disky in the Netherlands.

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