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Live Around the World 1994-6

AKA "Between The Wars Live"

Al Stewart with Lawrence Juber


1Guitar Solo ~ Lawrence Juber 3'26
2Guitar Solo ~ Lawrence Juber 3'16
3In My Life ~ Lawrence Juber 2'36
4Guitar Solo ~ Lawrence Juber 2'31
5Guitar Solo ~ Lawrence Juber 3'02
6Guitar Solo ~ Lawrence Juber 3'31
7Guitar Solo ~ Lawrence Juber 3'20
8Guitar Solo ~ Lawrence Juber 2'44
9Apple Cider Reconstitution5'26
10Night Train to Munich 4'19
11Joe the Georgian3'39
12Broadway Hotel 3'36
13Antarctica 3'41
14Genie on a Table Top 3'27
15Marion the Chatelaine 3'32
16On the Border 5'30
17Amsterdam 2'46
18Angel of Mercy 4'42
19Year of the Cat 5'17

Al Stewart with Lawrence Juber


This is impossible to find 'new' - I buy all my rarities from ebay, but I recommend observing before bidding - prices vary considerably.
Check if there's a copy for sale. Most of the tracks are available on studio and compilation CDs.

'Night Train to Munich' 'Marion the Chatelaine' and 'Joe the Georgian' were first on

Between the Wars (1995)

Between the Wars

'Broadway Hotel ' and 'On the Border' and 'Year of the Cat' started life on

Year of the Cat (1976)

Year of the Cat

'Antarctica' first showed on

Last days of the Century (1988)

Last days of the Century

'Genie on a Table Top' and 'Angel of Mercy' were on

Famous Last Words (1993)

Famous Last Words

Amsterdam was on

Orange (1972)

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