In Concert at The BBC

Al Stewart

  1. Soho (Needless to Say) - 4'21
  2. Old Admirals - 6'10
  3. Terminal Eyes - 4'03
  4. Roads to Moscow - 9'14
  5. Nostradamus - 11'22

"In Concert" was a BBC programme, simultaneously broadcast on BBC-2 television and Radio 1, allowing a stereo television show. Some were one hour specials, but most featured two bands/artists.

This 'second half' featured Al Stewart and his "Friends from Home", who included Laurie Wisefield on lead guitar, Cliff Williams on bass, Mick Cook on drums and Francis Monkman on keyboards.

Supporting vocals were provided by Juanita Franklin, Sally-Ann Downs and Andy Fuller. The programme was produced by Geoff Griffin, sound balance by Chris Lycett.