Live at Les Cousins

Live at Les Cousins

Al Stewart

  1. Samuel Oh How You've Changed
  2. Instrumental / Cambridge Town
  3. My Enemies Have Sweet Voices
  4. In Brooklyn
  5. Medley with Meg Aitken
  6. Young Tradition - instrumental
  7. Young Tradition
  8. Carmichaels
  9. Long Way Down From Stephanie
  10. Room of Roots
  11. Instrumental / Ballad of Mary Foster

Al Stewart with Meg and Young Tradition, live at Les Cousins June 68.

A Laggashoebox tape.

This is a tribute to one of the most influential clubs in Britain - Les Cousins in Greek Street!

Al Stewart was the main act this night in June '68, as on many nights at Cousins the Queen of Buskers Meg Aitkin came in from the street for a short floor spot.

Also on the guest list - the Young Tradition, a beautiful group that made people love traditional English music.

Al´s set is very typical for his mid and late sixties performances - more personal and social reflections than the later "historical" songs.